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NOVEMBER 6 - 8, 2014

The 2013-2014 Providence Symposium Culminates
3 days of speakers, panels and tours


Mark Mallory Mark Mallory, Former Mayor, Cincinnati, OH
Gabe Klein 2 Gabe Klein, Former Director, Dept of Transportation, Chicago / Washington, DC
Dick Galvin Richard Galvin, Founder and President, CV Properties
Christina Paxson Christina Paxson, President, Brown University
David Dooley David Dooley, President, University of Rhode Island
Richard Licht Richard Licht, Former Director, Dept of Administration
Maureen Moakley Maureen Moakley, Chair, URI Politics Department
Buff Chace Buff Chace, Principal, Cornish Associates
Jan Brodie Jan Brodie, Executive Director, 195 Commission
Russell Carey Russell Carey, Exec VP Planning & Policy, Brown University

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