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Mapping a Preservation Ecosystem

The field of historic preservation has always focused on architectural sites in order to preserve their history, and for many in the field, the sites are the focus: how do we save them?

Preservationists are increasingly called upon to help preserve stories about places that no longer physically exist, but still have much to tell us about our history. Stories of an erased landscape can also be the focus: how do we make them visible?

And what happens when a site tells more than one story, or erases one in favor of another? How do we plan for a future that preserves and unites sites and stories?

Preservation needs supporters from across the spectrum. SITES AND STORIES will set out to map a preservation ecosystem that attends to both the economics and the ethics of preservation, and allows for development of shared purpose and creation of shared opportunity. Join us for a conversation that will acknowledge the divides in the field, provide an opportunity to consider multiple points of view, and engage all those who care about the history of the built environment— both that which still stands and that which once stood.

The 2017 Providence Symposium will take place on Wednesday, October 18 and Saturday, October 21

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